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dont-let-a-muggle-get-you-down asked: i want to start watching criminal minds, i always watch it on tv but not in the right order. is there a season in which i can start without watching all 9 seasons ?

In my opinion you’ll get the best out of it if you put the time in and watch all the seasons in order.

At a push, I think seasons 5 (back half of the season) 6 and 7 have the most ‘skippable’ episodes, but that’s a YMMV thing.

Warning: As S9 starts, this will not be a spoiler-free blog!

I’m hoping that as caps are released of the new episodes (I’ll let you know where to find them), people will submit TFLNs and this blog will be more active again. 

However, this blog will not be spoiler-free. Enjoy s9!